dive into a complete reset


Because sometimes we need extra accountability, we've designed an 8 Week Online Life Coaching program to get you towards your life and health related goals, quicker. 



The program

This online mindfulness based coaching program is designed to help you build awareness, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Using mindfulness based and cognitive behavioral tools, the latest neurobiology research and brain training, each week is set up to move you closer to your goals.

Week 1: Initial Assessment, Goals + Vision. We complete a holistic measurement and outline your goals and vision.

Week 2: Understanding Change. We walk your through our signature Cycle of Stress model, addressing your motivation, what obstacles stand in your way and how to overcome barriers for the remainder of your program and your life. 

Week 3 - 7: A 5 Pillar Approach to your goals, we take you on a deep dive into our scientifically proven pillars of a lifestyle reset: sleep, nutrition, relaxation, movement and connection.

Week 8: Final Assessment.

The benefits

Online sessions for convenience, comfort and accessibility to fit into your busy life.

Tangible resources, including video and audio recordings, individual plans, and supplemental materials and memberships. 

Around-the-clock communication. An open line for accountability, in the moment crises and check-ups between sessions. 

Welcome and congratulatory completion gift packages to jump start and prolong goals. 


Happier + healthier clients

"I am sleeping better, making healthier food choices, my skin is clearer, my clothes fit better and I finally realized that everything really will be all right and if not make the best of whatever comes my way."

"I wanted to build skills that would continue to change my well-being even after finishing the program. This science-based approach created change that I wouldn't of been able to achieve without this guidance and support."

"This really helped me slow down and want to take care of myself."