3 Tips to Conquer Perfectionism

Today’s society has put far too much focus on materialism, appearance, the Kardashians (hint: they are not perfect), etc. Social Media keeps “what everyone else is doing” right in front of our faces. For some people, perfectionists, the constant attention triggers a need to be perfect. The perfectionist wants everything done correctly: what they say, what they wear, what grade they got, how their hair is done, who their friends are.

The following 3 tips can help you conquer perfectionism and remember that you are already great.

#1 – Learn from your failures

Failure is never fun, and for a perfectionist, it can feel debilitating. Rather than think negatively about what went wrong, reframe your perspective and accept the result. Having a learning attitude instead of a right or wrong attitude, can be freeing and can actually help you grow.

#2 – Think BIG

Often times for a perfectionist, little details can become big roadblocks. Trying to get every little thing right not only takes up too much time, but it can prevent you from achieving your bigger goals. It is important to keep focused on the big picture. What is your end game? What do you want to achieve? You may encounter obstacles, but that’s life. Stay focused on the finish line.

#3 – Celebrate the small victories (for my football fans)

In the journey of life, there are many end zones that we are all trying to reach. Most perfectionists forgot that the journey is long, and focus too much on scoring the touchdown. It is important (and fun!) to celebrate the small successes, and first downs along the way. Not every touchdown is scored on a Hail Mary; instead, it is a series of first downs, combined of runs and passes, and finally the big play. Give yourself credit, and appreciate that you are moving in the right direction.

#Bonus – Talk it out

Sometimes a helpful way to overcome life’s obstacles is to talk it out. Reset brain + body is a mental health practice that leverages the benefits of yoga and meditation to help you overcome life’s challenges. Everyone needs a coach.