how to help our teens, part 1

For your growing teens, both male and female, the process of puberty can be quite a tricky time. With all of the hormonal levels changing, your young teen will be moody, uncomfortable and not easy to talk with. Additionally, the level of growing stress with transitioning to high school, academic pressures, and social comparisons can set a foundation for anxiety, depression, panic attacks, disordered eating, and sleep issues.

In this Part 1 of helping our teens, we’re talking about something a bit alternative, but effective. When talking is not an option, we try to take different routes to provide treatment and healing for our teens. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness are all powerful tools to help our teens develop more emotional awareness and control. Additionally, using these practices to build confidence, focus, and resiliency.

Building on that, the use of aromatherapy has also been proven as highly effective. In a recent study by the National Institute of Health, research showed that “aromatherapy showed potential to be used as an effective therapeutic option for the relief of depressive symptoms in a wide variety of subjects”.

At reset brain + body, we have team experts on the use of essential oils to meet your teen’s needs - from calm, focus, mood boost, sleep, even hormonal disturbances. Our yoga therapy, psychotherapy and yoga classes all incorporate the mindful use of aroma to help elevate the experience.

When talking is a challenge, we come in with alternative ways to generate positive outcomes.

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Kerry is the founder of reset brain + body, located in Plymouth, where traditional therapy is elevated through the integration of psychology, yoga and mindfulness. After nearly a decade in corporate human resources in Chicago, Kerry left the field to better help her busy and stressed peers handle life inside and outside of the workplace. Kerry can be found teaching meditation and yoga classes and seeing clients for psychotherapy and yoga therapy at reset brain + body. When she's not at reset brain + body, Kerry can be found spending time exploring her new hometown of Plymouth with her husband, baby boy and dog. Connect with reset brain + body on Instagram & Facebookcheck out the class schedule, or contact us to book an appointment