Depression Treatment


We specialize in treating depression and all the that goes with depression:

  • intense sadness

  • hopelessness

  • feeling deflated and defeated

  • general apathy and indifference

  • isolation

  • just wanting to sleep

  • not being able to sleep

  • low energy

  • lots and lots of crying

  • disinterest in the things that normally enjoyed

  • emotional eating or loss of appetite

  • heaviness in chest and body

  • suicidal thoughts

Have we missed anything?

Depression is a real, whole body experience. Science has moved away from depression simply being a chemical imbalance of serotonin. In fact, science is now linking depression and anxiety to lifestyle factors such as diet, loss of in-person relationships, job dissatisfaction, chronic stress, social comparison, sedentary and indoor habits, device usage, and our fast paced lives.

But depression does not just have to go hand in hand with modern times. Depression is treatable. Through practical mindfulness tools, learning how to manage your mind and be present in your thoughts, you can lift the depression cloud. We teach you the practices to incorporate into your every day so you can start determining your mood, without relying on drugs alone.

Through our integrative counseling style, we offer psychotherapy for talking through your depression, yoga therapy to bring energy to your fatigued body, nutrition to balance your gut, and mindfulness meditation to let go of the heaviness. You can find solace when working with us individually or through any of our workshops or group experiences.

We’re here for you. It doesn’t have to be this hard.