classes at reset brain + body:

We pride ourselves on offering an individualized experience in a group setting. We believe that yoga is more than fitness, it's about learning the science behind why it works and how it can work for you and your unique needs. 

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special introductory 5 class pack for $75
classes limited to 8 people. advanced registration is required to secure your spot.


integrative therapy groups

Yoga is an incredible tool to release mental and physical tension. Yoga also has the ability to bring up emotions and sometimes it's nice to talk it through. Welcome to our groups. 

Move, Breathe + Talk - adults: oftentimes stuff comes up while doing yoga. In this closed weekly group, practice yoga and learn meditation in a safe space while sharing personal discoveries and obstacles both mentally and physically. 75 minutes.
Next group starts Monday, August 6th, 7pm-8:15pm continuing each Monday until September 17th. There will be no group on Labor Day. Contact us to sign up or inquire further. 

Move, Breathe + Talk - teens: sometimes it's easier to release through movement versus talking. In this closed weekly group for teens age 13-19, practice yoga and learn meditation in a safe space while having the option to talk about what is on your mind. 75 minutes.
Next group starts Wednesday September 19th, 8-9:15pm and continues on Wednesdays for 6 weeks.  Contact us to sign up or inquire further. 

groups limited to 10 clients. all therapy groups are eligible for insurance reimbursement. groups run 6 weeks and require advanced registration.
email us to learn more. 

Take a collective breath. 

Create a ripple of change, one person at a time.


I want to tell others about this...

"This work is really relevant to our day to days. The best part of this workshop was realizing the relationship between my thoughts and reactions and knowing that I can have the self-awareness to change my emotions. I liked all the exercises we were taught to deal with life and stress, like the mindfulness and breathing exercises. It was really great and I want to tell others about this stuff! Kerry makes this topic interesting!"

— C.L.

Every guest who participated walked away feeling calm and refreshed...

"I recently hired Kerry to teach yoga to a group of thirty people the morning of my wedding. As part of our wedding weekend, my fiancee and I wanted to create an environment rich in community and rooted in love. For one hour, Kerry led a very mindful and relaxing practice with a group of people, including some who had never participated in a yoga class before, that set the tone for the rest of our wedding weekend. Every guest who participated walked away feeling calm and refreshed. Kerry is a wonderful teacher who is attentive to every body in the room. She has a way of using her words to lead you to a place where outside stressors disappear. Kerry is a such a positive light in this world and is deeply committed to her work."

— H.S.

Mindful, inspiring and life changing...

"Kerry is one of a kind. Her yoga classes and workshops are mindful, inspiring and life changing. Kerry is authentic in her teaching and caring for each individual. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, she offers organic modifications to help further your practice. It was a complete joy to co-led and work with Kerry for our reset event. I highly recommend Kerry."

— L.S.