Insomnia Treatment


We specialize in treating insomnia and all the that goes with sleeplessness:

  • lying awake all night watching the clock

  • anxiety

  • irritability and frustration

  • extreme daytime fatigue

  • burnout and overwhelm

  • lack of motivation

  • sadness and depression

  • intense highs and lows

  • nervous, worrying stomach

  • loss of emotional control

  • mental exhaustion and inability to concentrate

  • hopelessness

  • constant ruminating thoughts

  • aching and tense body

  • headaches

Have we missed anything?

Sleep should be the number 1 prescribed treatment for nearly anyone experiencing any emotional imbalances. Sleep is so necessary as it resets and repairs our entire system. Without good sleep we are significantly disadvantaged as we go up against life’s daily occurrences, resulting in physical and mental disorders, inflammation and early death. And yet so many Americans are getting far less than the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Why?

Insomnia can be linked to lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, job, family life, medications; biochemical factors like hormones, adrenals, adrenalin, cortisol, chronic pain conditions; and mental health conditions like anxiety. However, stress is the ultimate driver of insomnia and stress pervades our entire system while deteriorating our natural sleep rhythms. It’s a vicious cycle in today’s culture of too much stress, too little sleep and thus more stress.

Through our integrative counseling style, we offer psychotherapy for talking through your sleeplessness issues, yoga therapy to bring rest to your entire body, nutrition to balance your system, and mindfulness meditation to let go of the things keeping you awake at night. You can find solace when working with us individually or through any of our workshops or group experiences.

We’re here for you. It doesn’t have to be this hard.