Our Integrative Services

because mental health doesn’t live in a vacuum

With a mission to smash the stigma of seeking health care, we offer accessible and relatable avenues to get help. No issue is too small or too big to get feedback, support and help you back on your feet. We work with you to meet each of your mental health care needs.


Preventative Care Membership

Psychotherapy can be scary, we get it. Our preventative care membership is for the person who likes an occasional check-in. Maybe you don’t need or want a diagnosis or to dig into your past, but you know you could use some help. A monthly membership includes 1 monthly online or in-person session, 1 monthly phone check-in and group programming discounts. Learn more.


Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

We know that transformation begins with awareness. Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, perinatal or postpartum concerns, stress, trauma, relationship issues, sleeplessness or chronic pain, you must first get to know yourself. Mindfulness is a tool to understand your thoughts, behaviors, habits and help you feel better. Let us help you.


Yoga Therapy

Our minds and bodies are connected. What happens in our minds, our bodies feel. What our bodies feel, our minds respond. Yoga Therapy is the tool to access the body to help relieve symptoms relating to stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trauma, grief, postpartum and perinatal care, and disease management. Learn more.


Group Classes, Workshops + Therapy

We’re pretty geeked about creating community. We have specialty classes all rooted in the science supported research of mindfulness. Meditation, yoga, support groups, kids programming, nutrition workshops and parenting resources are all offered on a seasonal basis. Our classes are always small and interactive. Check out our schedule for more information.


Mindfulness Skills Training

Our 3-part Mindfulness Skills Training was designed for the busy kid, parent and family. We have created custom curriculum for each school-aged group, families and parents to help you learn to calm your mind, control your reactions and actually be present. And in this day and age these skills are profoundly needed. Learn more.


Nutrition Counseling

Food is a determinant for our health and if you are struggling with insomnia, chronic pain, postpartum care, depression or anxiety and fail to look at your dietary choices, then you are not giving yourself a full opportunity to heal. Our online and in-person nutrition counseling package is a way to elevate your mental wellbeing.