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for mental health professionals:


Are you tired of traditional talk therapy and know you can do more with your gifts?
Are you overwhelmed by the process of shifting your practice?
Are you a yoga teacher, meditation or mindfulness teacher and stuck on how to bring your love of that work into your counseling practice?

We can help. This type of work is unique and can be difficult to implement. Let us help you restructure your practice and augment your offerings. We offer telephone, video or in-person consultation. Inquire further to understand our rate options.


As a new graduate, this is the perfect time to expand your skill set, learn dynamic treatment modalities and experiment with your unique way of being. We bring our fresh approach to counseling to the supervisor experience, offering you a more integrative perspective of care as you work with your clients. Whether independently practicing or part of our team, our goal is to help you grow as a more confident counselor as you develop your specialities.

Join our team:

Are you interested in joining a group practice that is turning the mental health field on it’s heels? We offer a generous compensation plan, training and a supportive team environment. Our beautiful, peaceful space is one you’ll be proud to welcome clients into. We have opportunities for psychotherapists, yoga therapists and specialized yoga teachers.

Current Job Openings:

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist- Adolescent Speciality


We are hiring a limited or fully licensed psychotherapist to join our growing practice. We are an integrative mental health care practice specializing in anxiety, chronic stress, depression, self-esteem, chronic pain and insomnia. We work with tweens, teens and adults, accepting clients age 9 and older.

Through our integrative style, our psychotherapists are all well-informed in mindfulness based modalities and are comfortable taking a holistic approach to treatment. All of our therapists are also trained yoga instructors, which is a perk should the candidate have a strong yoga background.

Psychotherapists are expected to be open minded, educational and approach therapy with clients in a fresh, informative manner. We hold ourselves to the standard that we offer a dynamic style of therapy, allowing the client to dig into root causes while also feeling empowered to take actionable steps towards their well-being.

Psychotherapists with a background in neurobiology, nutrition, and biochemistry are ideal- in that we strongly advocate for clients to understand the brain-body connection and bring such psycho-education into session. Candidates who practice CBT, IFS and psychodynamic styles of therapy are ideal.

Candidates must have a strong meditation or mindfulness practice of their own, be willing to work nights and weekends and interested in developing within a fast growing, innovative mental health practice. Candidates must be already paneled for BCBSM or begin the process on their own upon hire.

Counseling Supervision:

You just finished your degree and now what? It can be overwhelming when considering what is next. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is educational, inspiring and accessible. Therefore, we provide supervisory options. If you would like to schedule an interview to be considered for supervision, please contact us.

Supervision Requirements (effective 1/1/05)

There may be a waiting list for group supervision, if you are interested in this service please contact us immediately.

LLPC must receive face-to-face supervision from an LPC who has training in supervision.
Public Health Code Part 181
Section 333. 18107 –“ least two years of counseling experience under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor”
Section 333.18111: “limited license; restricted practice –Individual with limited license may practice counseling only under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor”
R338.1752 Rule 2
–experience obtained after graduate degree –at least 3000 hours over not less than 2 years (1500 hours; not less than 1 year for those with 30 sem. hrs. beyond master’s degree)
–accrue at least 100 hours of supervision in the immediate physical presence of the supervisor (50 hrs. for those with 30 sem. hrs. beyond)
–supervision begins upon issuance of the limited license and continues until the full license is issued.
R338.1754 Rule 4 Disclosure of Supervision
–Name of supervisor must be provided on supervisee’s professional disclosure statement that is submitted with licensure application.
R338.1751 Rule 1(n) –Supervisor means a licensed professional counselor who shall have training in the function of supervision.
Application for limited license requires the supervisor to sign the statement: “I agree to supervise (Sue Smith) for the required post-degree counseling experience.”  This must be included at the end of the supervisee’s disclosure statement and not on a separate page.
[The prospective LLPC will not be granted a license unless his or her disclosure is signed by the supervisor. Often this is a problem if the prospective LLPC in unemployed. We suggest you contact a university counselor educator to problem solve this]

Supervision Rates

Individual Supervision $125 per clinical hour

Group Supervision per hour
$48 per person for groups of 5
$59 per person for groups of 4
$70 per person for groups of 2-3

During your interview, or at your request we will provide you with the specific model of supervision, expectations, and complete cost so that you can plan ahead and see if we’re a good fit!


It’s never too late to change the road you’re on.
— Led Zeppelin

We’re here because we believe in making mental health care different.

It’s about access and refreshing approaches. It’s about empathy and innovation. It’s about simplicity and science. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels okay saying they’re not okay.