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Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist


We are hiring a limited or fully licensed psychotherapist to join our growing practice. We are an integrative mental health care practice specializing in anxiety, chronic stress, depression, self-esteem, chronic pain and insomnia. We work with tweens, teens and adults, accepting clients age 9 and older.

Through our integrative style, our psychotherapists are all well-informed in mindfulness based modalities and are comfortable taking a holistic approach to treatment. All of our therapists are also trained yoga instructors, which is a perk should the candidate have a strong yoga background.

Psychotherapists are expected to be open minded, educational and approach therapy with clients in a fresh, informative manner. We hold ourselves to the standard that we offer a dynamic style of therapy, allowing the client to dig into root causes while also feeling empowered to take actionable steps towards their well-being.

Psychotherapists with a background in neurobiology, nutrition, and biochemistry are ideal- in that we strongly advocate for clients to understand the brain-body connection and bring such psycho-education into session. Candidates who practice CBT, IFS and psychodynamic styles of therapy are ideal.

Candidates must have a strong meditation or mindfulness practice of their own, be willing to work nights and weekends and interested in developing within a fast growing, innovative mental health practice.


It’s never too late to change the road you’re on.
— Led Zeppelin

We’re here because we believe in making mental health care different.

It’s about access and refreshing approaches. It’s about empathy and innovation. It’s about simplicity and science. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels okay saying they’re not okay.