Nutritional Counseling


We specialize in integrating nutritional counseling with all of our therapies. This includes understanding your dietary pain points:

  • IBS and other digestive issues

  • inability to lose weight

  • body image issues

  • understanding food sensitivities

  • education on nutrition best-practices

  • creating a custom food lifestyle plan

  • monitoring gut microbiome

  • using food to reduce inflammation

  • understanding physical impacts of how stress and hormones

  • eating seasonally, locally and recipes for real-food consumption

  • avoiding the 2:30pm feeling

  • getting real with your relationship with alcohol and caffeine

  • managing food binges

  • getting off the diet rollercoaster

  • food choice anxiety

  • migraines and auto-immune disorders

  • ADHD, burnout, and energy crashes

Have we missed anything?

What you put in your body is equally, if not important than what you do with your body. What you eat becomes a part of you. If you eat junk, your insides suffer from inflammation, chronic pain, hormonal disturbances, emotional irregularities, weight inconsistencies, immune disorders and even disease. This is not a grand idea. It has bene studied again and again that food is a determinant for our health and food choices can both prevent and predict both physical and mental diseases.

If you are struggling with insomnia, chronic pain, depression or anxiety and fail to look at your dietary choices, then you are not giving yourself a full opportunity to heal. Your mental and physical health are not separate from one another. It is important to cleanse your limiting beliefs and the free radicals in your body. When working on your health, you have to release toxic people and the toxins in your body. Releasing the clutter in your brain and your body are equally vital for your overall wellbeing.

Through our integrative counseling style, we offer psychotherapy for talking through your sleeplessness issues, yoga therapy to bring rest to your entire body, nutrition to balance your system, and mindfulness meditation to let go of the things keeping you awake at night. You can find solace when working with us individually or through any of our workshops or group experiences.

We’re here for you. It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Nutritional counseling is set up as a convenient package, partially online and partially conducted at our partner office in Ann Arbor.

The nutritional counseling package includes an initial 2+ hour in person consultation, an extensive custom plan, and 4-week guidance through unlimited text, email and phone support.