is to smash the stigma of seeking mental health care by welcoming our community to a space where it’s okay to ask for help, where emotions are important to share and where slowing down is celebrated.


Hi, I’m Kerry and I am really glad you found us.

When I first dreamt of opening reset, I was a new mom and embattled with spit up and sleeplessness. My mental health was at an all time low and I craved connection, validation and someone to kick my mindset into a better place. As a therapist, you think you should “know better” when you start to fall into poor mental health. And I did. I knew I needed some quiet, a safe space, I needed some brain training, relaxation, venting and a head massage with essential oils :) Before I had kids though I was always Type A. Planning, controlling, obsessing. It was not until I found mindfulness, yoga, meditation and a really good therapist that I learned how powerful this combination could be for not only my physical but mental health.

I built this practice because it’s what I needed. And what I still need:

To slow down.
To have someone offering clarity, support and accountability.
To quiet the noise.
To feel validated and connected.
To share my experience with others who can say “me too”.
To not feel so alone.
To feel okay asking for help, even for the “little things”.

Because the little things add up. The more we bottle it in, the harder it gets. So we must learn how to release. To let the pressure and stress go; to heal our traumas, anger, pain and suffering. We have to do the work. And thankfully we have a pretty awesome team that can help with that for anyone from age 10 to 110, whether you’re a mom, dad, daughter, grandmother, son, brother, friend...

So, welcome to reset. Where I hope you find exactly what you need and more.


Kerry Biskelonis
Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher, and owner of reset brain + body

Our Values:

We believe that you should not have to be in crisis to ask for help.

We believe that good therapy is more than talking through your problems.

We believe in the preventive power of taking care of yourself mentally.

We believe in the importance of working with your body and brain for total health.

We believe that even small problems are valid, worthy and deserve giving attention to.

We believe the brain can be trained.

We believe in homework, accountability, creating a safe space and calling you out on your stuff.

We believe that stress is the root of most modern health issues.

We believe that you can learn how to heal, overcome and thrive while moving forward.

We believe that therapy can be brief, with the right support and tools.

We believe that pausing is one of the most profound and hardest things you can for your health.

We believe that vulnerability is the bravest quality of all time.

We believe that the work is work. Simple, but not easy. And it must be done.


We are at our best when we act from a place of clarity. 

We specialize in the integration of mental health counseling and the scientific benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and chronic pain have both emotional and physical consequences. We teach our clients how to slow down enough to recognize the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviors to then find the opportunity for creating positive mental and physical shifts. Our comprehensive approach allows you to not only heal from the chronic and acute impacts of your mental health, but to also adopt and grow a preventative well-being mindset. 

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— Viktor Frankl

Take a moment to pause. 

You, and everyone around you will thank you.