Counseling Services

We know that sometimes it’s hard to locate your feelings. Sometimes your struggles show up as physical ailments too. With awareness at the foundation of our work with you, we integrate psychotherapy, mindfulness tools, meditation, yoga and nutritional guidance to address your pain points, develop coping tools and methods to prevent further suffering. Your custom treatment plan will focus on helping you find calm amidst the chaos using research supported methods and locating your inner compass of strength, resilience and empowerment. The result of this work is for you to successfully manage life stressors before they build into major mental and physical health concerns. No prior yoga or meditation experience is required, we meet you where you are both emotionally and physically. 


  • Stress Management for feelings of overwhelm, burn out, out of control emotions, and lack of focus

  • Anxiety Treatment for panic attacks, excessive worrying, 'Type A' tendencies

  • Depression Treatment for hopelessness, sadness, apathy, negative thoughts, fatigue

  • Perinatal and Postpartum Care for trauma, anxiety, baby blues, depression, guilt, overwhelm and new parent transitions

  • Sleeplessness Treatment for insomnia, restlessness, fatigue, irritability

  • Transitions such as midlife, retirement, aging, divorce, graduation, academic, quarter-life, break-up, career loss or shift

  • Adolescent/Teen Counseling for stress, anxiety, confidence, depression, eating disorders, social pressures, emotional control, body image, chronic pain, procrastination, technology addiction, impulse control, academic success

  • Couples Counseling for communication, sex & intimacy, infidelity, trust issues, mental load

  • Family Counseling for family conflicts, time management, stress, anxiety, communication, overwhelm

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The difference

Through our signature Cycle of Stress model, we understand the roots of your circumstances and then customize an approach that includes at-home practices, mindfulness related education and tools.

Your health is not in a vacuum. We work along side you to adapt your entire life to a total reset for sustainable health, incorporating diet, sleep patterns and exercise. 

We want you to have ownership in your treatment. After our initial session we’ll work together to define your treatment plan, including frequency and goals. We are here to hold space for you to share and grow on an on-going basis that works best for you.

We offer online counseling over an encrypted video system for your added confidentiality and convenience.


The sessions

In person, telephone or online

55 minutes

All experiences start with a complimentary 15 minute initial phone consult to determine how we will best serve you. We also welcome you to come tour our space.

Rather come with a small, private group? See options for groups. 

We accept BCBS PPO of Michigan insurance for individual psychotherapy. For all other plans we are an out of network provider and sessions may be submitted for out-of-network insurance reimbursement depending on your plan.



I can control how I respond...

"My favorite part has been learning that I have a choice in how I look at and deal with different events in my life. I previously didn't exercise a lot of control over my feelings (inwardly, outwardly I was pretty controlled). I've learned now that I also have some level of control over how I feel. I can't control the outward stimulus, but I can control how I respond and how much I let the stimulus affect me. These are tools that are essential for a healthy mind. It's a lifelong practice that no one will ever master, but if you develop the habits and work to keep them readily accessible, it can be very beneficial to your life."

— R.M.

This science-based approach created change...

"As a yogi and holistic-minded person, this vibed with me. When I searched for a way to help me break through my stress and blockages I knew I needed something that I would believe in and I could build into my life for the long-term. I wanted to build skills that would continue to change my well-being even after finishing the program. This science-based approach and caring vibe created change that I wouldn't of been able to achieve without this guidance and support. I am grateful I reached out and was able to find the guidance I needed. Even weeks after finishing our work i continue to grow and evolve in my self-care because of this work. Eternally grateful!"

— V.S.

Life changing...

"Kerry is life changing in her attitude, her simple directions, her care of me as a client bringing a variety of physical and mental issues to her each week. She is a fresh drink of peacefulness in the crazy, muddy pond of life. So blessed to work with her."

— L.M.

It's never too late to change.

Rise out of your rut and move forward with your wellbeing.