Yoga for Everybody: Fall Series


Yoga for Everybody: Fall Series


Mindful Movement - Yoga for Everyone

6 Week Yoga Class Series
Led by Lisa Petty, Certified Yoga Therapist + Registered Yoga Teacher

Thursdays, 6-7pm

Are you tired of not actually learning yoga when you go to a class? Are you intimated by large, heated classes? Do you prefer practicing yoga in your basement where you don’t have to wear the “right thing”?

Yea, we get it. We love yoga but the barrier to entry can feel steep. And it feels like the more the industry (and instagram) focuses on what yoga looks like, it’s forgetting to teach what yoga feels like.

Our 6 week Mindful Movement - Yoga for Everyone series is seriously for anyone.

If you’re a beginner wanting to actually learn yoga, breathing and meditation.
If you’re a more seasoned yogi looking to freshen up your alignment and skills.
If you’re a teacher looking to learn from another teacher and therapist.
If you just don’t want to sweat in a heated room with 50 other people who don’t know your name or fix your postures…we’re here for you.

Come LEARN yoga, step by step, each week building on different types of poses and breath work. We take it slow so you can understand the mechanics of the physical practice and really feel the benefits of the mental practice.

We limit our class sizes to 8 people so we promise Lisa will know your name, your birthday and maybe your favorite ice cream flavor. She’ll also take into account your medical and physical history, being cautious and delicate with your unique needs.

Only 8 spots available.

Please note, there are no make-ups for missed classes. A minimum of three students must be registered at least 2 business days prior to the series start in order for the series to take place. In the event of a cancelled workshop, previously registered participants will receive a full refund within 2 business days. This class series is $135 per person ($22.5 per 60 minute class) and is nonrefundable. All materials are included (mats, props, curriculum).