Yoga Therapy

Our minds and bodies are connected.
What happens in our minds, our bodies feel. What our bodies feel, our minds respond.

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Yoga Therapy is the use of yoga tools such as breath work, guided imagery, relaxation exercises, mindful meditation and physical movement to bring about healing and awareness from both mental and physical concerns. Yoga Therapy has been proven to be very effective in helping process and release trauma, mitigate symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress as well as a thoroughly research supported treatment for pain management, disease management and injury prevention and recovery.

Who is Yoga Therapy good for?

  • If you are suffering from chronic pain or an illness, yoga therapy can help release pain.

  • If you are looking to improve self-acceptance and body acceptance, the movement of yoga can help that journey.

  • If you are struggling with attention or memory, practicing stillness and balance serve as a tool.

  • If you’re struggling to find the words to process your feelings, yoga therapy can help when words don't. It can allow you to process the emotions in your own way, when words fail.

  • If you’re all talked out due to previous therapy experiences, emotional distress or overwhelm and just want to be. To practice relaxation, release stress, and let go of emotional weight without needing to discuss it all.

  • If you are filled with stress, anxiety, adrenalin or high energy and know that the body must relax before your brain can, yoga therapy helps your whole system calm so then you can find the words.

  • If you are feeling heavy, stuck, depressed and lacking any motivation, yoga therapy can help instill lightness, help you feel energized and carry that charge forward without needing to talk about it all.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Our minds and bodies are connected. What happens in our minds, our body feels. If we are suffering from anxiety, depression, hostility, low self- esteem, moodiness, trauma or just the stress of life, yoga can help. Yoga therapy can help you release negative emotions stored in the body. Through breathing, yoga postures and meditation it can help shift the mind to a more positive outlook while allowing the body to release the pain and negativity. It will leave you calm and connected to the best version of yourself. 

Yoga Therapy Specialities:

  • Pain Management - migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic back pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, TMJ, plantar fasciitis

  • Relaxation - sleep disorders, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, stress management

  • Trauma - sexual abuse, physical abuse, attachment issues, abandonment, traumatic birth, labor and delivery, postpartum care

  • Eating Disorders - anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia, binge eating

  • Sex and Intimacy - ED, sex drive, menopause, infidelity, sex addiction

  • Disease Management - heart disease, hypertension, IBS, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer

  • Injury Prevention and Recovery - TBI, back surgery, tendonitis, shoulder injury, low back, spinal injury

Through our integrative counseling style, we offer psychotherapy for talking through your pain points, yoga therapy to bring balance to your body, nutrition to repair your system, and mindfulness meditation to find that elusive contentment. You can find solace when working with us individually or through any of our workshops or group experiences.

We’re here for you. It doesn’t have to be this hard.