why we don't seek mental health care

Why is it that we don’t get help for mental health?⠀
If you had cancer, you’d fight and explore every option. If you broke your arm, you’d get it fixed immediately. If you had autoimmune disorder symptoms you’d visit doctors to find a way out. If you had strep throat, you’d call a doctor, make an appointment and get help. If you had chronic pain, you’d exhaust all physical options. ⠀
So when you have a mental illness, why do we suffer alone? ⠀
You have anxiety. ⠀
You have depression. ⠀
You have panic attacks. ⠀
You have an eating disorder. ⠀
You have OCD. ⠀
You have adjustment disorder. ⠀
You have insomnia. ⠀
You have chronic stress. ⠀
You have grief. ⠀
You have anger. ⠀
You have an addiction. ⠀
And yet, you don’t get help. No call to a doctor, no prioritizing your mental illness, no telling others about this pain. ⠀
❓Why? ⠀
Many of us tie our personality, who we are to our mental illness. ⠀
We become someone who is anxious. ⠀
We are depressed. ⠀
We are stressed. ⠀
We are an alcoholic. ⠀
We are avoidant. ⠀
We are codependent. ⠀
We are compulsive. ⠀
We are obsessive. ⠀
We are a bad sleeper. ⠀
When we tangle who we are with an illness, it’s much harder to see it as separate from us and see a way through. ⠀
🔆But you are not cancer. You are not your strep throat, your broken arm, your IBS, your Chrohns, your migraines. ⠀
Try looking at your emotional health in the same context. Maybe then you’ll see you don’t have to suffer in silence, you don’t have to keep living this way, that there is a way forward. ⠀
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Kerry is the founder of reset brain + body, located in Plymouth, where traditional therapy is elevated through the integration of psychology, yoga and mindfulness. After nearly a decade in corporate human resources in Chicago, Kerry left the field to better help her busy and stressed peers handle life inside and outside of the workplace. Kerry can be found teaching meditation and yoga classes and seeing clients for psychotherapy and yoga therapy at reset brain + body. When she's not at reset brain + body, Kerry can be found spending time exploring her new hometown of Plymouth with her husband, baby boy and dog. Connect with reset brain + body on Instagram & Facebookcheck out the class schedule, or contact us to book an appointment